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Other Writings* **

Brothers (short story)

Singles on the Prowl (short story)

Dealing with Big Willie (short story)

I Remember Bill (memoir)

Critical Theory (essay)

Small-Towners (poem)

A Hippie Laments (poem)

Best Buddies (short story)

Paths to God (nonfiction)

Damn You, Jonas Jakes (short story)

Trip to Pearland (short story)

Way of the Jihadist (nonfiction)

Does the Bible Need Updating? (essay)

Wishes for Keshav and Akshaya (poem)

The Transgender Issue (essay)

Razzing Patty (short story)

Hindus are Monotheists (nonfiction)

That Old Time Religion (short story)

My Baked Potato (poem)

Way of the Widow (essay)

A Sunday Dinner (short story)

Nasty-Filthy-Dirty Things (poem)

Gifts of My Parents (poem)

Wokeism (essay)

Patti and I in Fun Times (short story)

The Culprit (poem)

Just One of the Hippies (poem)

Same-Sex Sex and Civil Unions (essay)

My Younger Brother Henry (memoir)

Class Systems, Religion, and Economic Progress (essay)

The Sensitive One (poem/memoir)

Fake Education (essay)

A Man Recounts (short prose)

Mother Finally Made It (short story)

Safest Leap of Faith (essay)

Rational Decision to Terminate Human Life (essay)

​Lost in Babyland (short story)

Yahooisms in Pronunciation (essay)

Bill Says (essay)

Nine, Eleven, Two-Thousand-One (poem)

Limbs on the Evergreens (poem)

The Chosen and the Last Day (essay)

Ghosts of Many (poem)

Process (poem)

John's Ex-wife and Jesus (short story)
Beyond the Senses (poem)

Will of the People (essay)

Male Marital Fidelity: Culture Versus Nature (essay)


*Some of the writings listed here and others not listed have been published in various journals, reviews, magazines, and newspapers, including CafeLit Magazine, Intellectual Conservative, Galaxy, The Criterion: An International Journal in English, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review,  Oklahoma Review, Midwest Poetry Review, The Poet's Pen, Artword Quarterly, Writer's Exchange, The Blind Man's Rainbow, An Anthology of Christian Poetry, International Poetry Review, Shepard, Angel News Magazine, Heartlight Journal, Immortal Voices, MidAtlantic Review, Black Cat Quarterly, Midwest Literary Magazine, Omaha World Herald, Kansas City Star, and ViewsHound.


**Although not listed, authored and coauthored nonfiction/research articles have been published in various economics journals, including Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Monetary Economics, Southern Economic Journal, and Journal of Development Studies. In addition, economic commentaries have been published in the research outlets of the Economic Research Service, the research arm of the Department of Agriculture in Washington D. C.

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