Changping, Beijing, China 1993

Truth: The Covid virus is just a living being trying to stay alive by feeding on other species. This is what we do. We kill and eat other species to get the energy we need to live. Indeed, most species on Earth maintain life by killing and eating other species. It’s the way we were designed, assuming we were in fact “designed”.
     So it is not surprising that there is so much hostility. No species wants to be eaten, and we resent other members of our species who take the food we want. It’s all designed to create eternal warfare.
     There is an exception. Plants get their energy from the sun; they don’t need to eat other species. So they are the only peaceful species on the planet. They are victims, however, because we and other species kill and eat them.
     As long as this is maintained, there will never be peace on this planet. So there is no surprise that aliens will never want to visit us. Who wants to volunteer to be killed and eaten?
William R. Hosek


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