Until Then

Dear grandson and granddaughter, my time on earth is almost over, and soon, I must leave while you must stay and pursue as best you can the achievements that will define you.

Although those with cruel intentions have denied us our time to bond and share in the love and joy that only a grandfather can evoke, know that I have loved you if only from afar.

But when your time on earth is over, look for me in that wondrous place where we shall bond belatedly and share at last in the love and joy that sadly we have been denied.

For it is in that wondrous place, the sway of cruel intentions ceases, and those who own them must pay in another place for the bad karma they have heaped upon themselves.



Copyright © 2019 Frank Zahn.

Published in REFLECTIONS:  

A Collection of the Author’s Short

Prose and Poetry, Vancouver

Books (Kindle Edition) 2019.

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