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The Lady Next Door


Patricia “Patty” Barnett is a traditional woman. She married and made a home for her two sons and her daughter with an unwavering faith in God and the teachings of her church.


At the same time, she is and always has been a liberated woman—a professional who earned a doctorate degree in medicine back in the day when women in the medical profession were nurses and physicians were men. She is also an award-winning artist—a painter in the mediums of oil and watercolor.


But what makes her even more impressive is she knows how to put anyone who dares to disrespect her in their place with a few well-chosen words. Although always engaging, caring, and generous, she doesn’t take crap from anyone, and she has little patience with adults who do.


Currently, she is in hospice care at home with her daughter and sons taking turns at her side. Her passing will be a loss to everyone who knows her, and she will be remembered as a remarkable lady.


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