My New Year's Resolutions 2021


1 - Support efforts to ensure a competitive as well as a free press or media, one in which no single network or collection of networks exercise monopoly influence over the mindset of the public. Competition in the media can be promoted in much the same way competition can be promoted in the economy, namely by way of anti-trust legislation and licensing. A free press or media that is competitive serves the public interest by minimizing the bias, distortions, and lies of individual journalists and commentators with self-serving political, social, and economic agendas.


2 - Support progressive Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren’s efforts to substantially increase taxes on the wealthy as a means of redistributing income and wealth--and not just the income and wealth of conservatives but that of liberals as well. It will be a difficult undertaking, of course, because the wealthy provide substantial wealth in the form of campaign contributions for those who wish to gain and hold on to political power. And in turn, those who gain and hold on to political power repay the wealthy with favorable rules and regulations that permit them to gain and hold on to wealth--a vicious circle. 


3 - Support efforts to remove Christmas from the list of national holidays. It is the only national holiday that celebrates a religion, namely Christianity, and it is the height of arrogance and insensitivity for Christians to insist that they warrant a national holiday designation for one of their religious celebrations while people of other religions do not. The founding fathers made it clear that the USA is a secular country and not a Christian or any other kind of theocracy, in which one religion is held above all others. The removal of Christmas from the list of national holidays, of course, would in no way preclude Christians from celebrating their religion on Christmas day.


4 - Support efforts to substantially increase the amount of social security payments to eligible seniors and provide them with free prescription drugs as well as free medical, dental, and hospice care. The elderly should be able to live out the remainder of their lives with dignity, that is, without fear of insufficient funds to sustain themselves.

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