A Remarkable Woman


Patricia “Patty” Barnett was a traditional woman. She married and made a home for her daughter and two sons with an unwavering faith in God and the teachings of her church. Her family, including her seven grandchildren, adored her.


At the same time, she was a liberated woman—a professional who earned a doctorate degree in medicine back when it was rare for a woman to do so. With degree in hand, she practiced medicine for thirty-two years before retirement.


She was also an award-winning artist—a painter in the mediums of oil and watercolor. And no one could match the beauty of her front and back yards with just the right balance of greenery and colorful flowers.


But what made her even more impressive was she knew how to defend herself with a few well-chosen words should anyone dare to disrespect her. Although always engaging, caring, and generous, she didn’t put up with bad behavior from anyone. And she was a well-informed and confident woman, one who could hold her own in arguments about a variety of political, social, and religious issues.


After months of holding onto life while suffering with terminal cancer, she passed away in the morning of February 24, 2022 with her family at her bedside. Her passing is a loss to everyone who knew her, and she will be remembered as a remarkable woman.


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